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Joseph Magee is a Brooklyn based Sound Artist. He works with filmmakers, production companies, post production facilities, and artists across various mediums. His areas of expertise include mixing in stereo and surround, dialogue editing, sound effects editing, foley, file delivery and any other creative or technical challenges a project might face. He works out of a private studio (and the occasional outside dub stage) with the industry standard tools and sound libraries that bring depth, clarity and originality to a project's sound world. 

Joseph's work has premiered at countless film festivals around the world and shown on major platforms like Apple TV and Disney +, to name a few. He takes pride in his impeccable track record with clients and finds joy in fostering creative relationships with independent artists and storytellers.

Outside of his work in audio post, Joseph is a lifelong musician and composer. He often releases music under the name Cofaxx and occasionally writes to picture when the right project comes along. If you're interested in reaching out about something specific or just want to say hello, please contact the email address below. 

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